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Hello! Everyone, how are you? I' m fine, thank you. If you have seen my Web Site, probably you already know me, if not, who gave you my address? ....... me.....eh eh eh ... My name is Enio. I was born on November, 24th, 1947, in Abruzzo, (CHIETI) where I lived for 18 years, 6 months and 10 days . Now I live to the North of Italy and I don't live there anymore. I live in a town called Monza near the historical center in an old house. During the clear winter season days I can see all the ridges Lombardy's Prealpi. I divorced 13 years ago and now I live alone. I have got a daughter, Alexandra, 38 years old and I work full time in a Pharmaceutical Company as an Analyst in a Quality Control Assurance Chemical Lab. in Segrate. I have been working in this factory for 38 years and I enjoied a lot my job.....


Me at 59 years old, 170 cm. and 90 Kg. 

This picture was taken at work on 24-November-2000


I  include some information about my personal history: I was born in Chieti on 1947, I went to school in Luigi di Savoia Technical Institute.  I moved to Milan in the north of Italy 35 years ago and now I'm full employed in a Farmaceutical Factory as Chemist in a Quality Control Laboratory.I have many interests as tennis, sky,and going around my country, in my spare time taking photos . 



Enio and two colleagues 




Here's a list of some of my favorite movies: 
Terminator3, Last Action Eroe, Star Treck

My favorite music:

Queen, Pink Floyd, Frank Sinatra, Baglioni,Vasco Rossi...




The sun is sinking low

Behind the hill

I loved you long ago,

I love you still

Across the years

You come to me at twilight

To bring me love's old trill.


When the deep purple falls

Over sleepy garden walls

And the star begin

To flicker in the sky

Thru mist of a memory

You wander back to me

Breathing my name with a sigh

In the still of the night

Once again I hold you light......



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