Farfalle in salsa di tonno



Pasta with Tuna-fish sauce
Qty for:3
Time: 20 minutes Difficulty:easy
Ingredients:Farfalle (pasta butterfly
shaped): 300 g. (10.60 oz.)
Tunafish in olive oil: 200 g. (7 oz.)
Buttermilk curd: 300 g. (10.60 oz.)
Extra-virgin olive oil: 4 table spoons
Little onions: 2
Salt and pepper


Drain and mince the tunafish, pour it into
a tureen; add the curd, the
minced onions and parsley.
Work for a while with a wooden
spoon. Adjust with salt and pepper,
sprinkle with the olive oil.
Cook the butterflies in a lot of boiling
salt water.
Drain when al dente, pour into a
tureen, flavour with the sauce of
tunafish and buttermilk curd, gently
Serve at once.


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