A Lot of Things

 Millecosedde - A lot of things 

Region: Calabria 

Qty for:4 

Time: 3 hours (plus soaking time) 



Pasta(like fluting macaroni): 250 g. (8.80 oz.) Dried horse beans: 100 g. (3.50 oz.) Dried chick-peas: 100 g. (3.50 oz.) Dried lentils: 50 g. (1.80 oz.) Dried white beans: 50 g. (1.80 oz.) Dried chicklings: 50 g. (1.80 oz) Grated sheep cheese: 50 g. (1.80 oz.) Savoy cabbage: 1 broad leaf Mushrooms: 50 g. (1.80 oz.) if fresh, 10 g. (0.30 oz.) if dried Onions: 1 Celery: 1 rib Extra-virgin olive oil: 1 dl. (3.40 fl.oz.) Salt and pepper



 The evening before, soak all the legumes in a lot of water. Begin slicing the savoy. Mince the onion and the celery; clean and slice the mushrooms (if you use dried mushrooms, soak them in lukewarm water).Drain all the legumes off the soaking water, wash and pour them in a broad stewpan with the savoy strips, the minced vegetables, the mushrooms and the olive oil; adjust with a pich of salt and cover with 0.75 l. (25.50 fl.oz) of water. Cook them in the stewpan with the lid on. If necessary, add a little more boiling water. When the dish is almost completely cooked, boil the pasta in a lot of salt water, drain it al dente and pour it in a tureen and season it with the legumes sauce.Complete flavouring sprinkling with the sheep cheese and a good grinding of pepper. If chicklings aren't available, raise the amount of the other legumes.