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Tortellini with Walnuts Sauce

Tortellini alle Noci


Tortellini alle noci (Tortellini with Walnuts Sauce) Qty for:4 Time: 1 hour Difficulty:easy Ingredients - FOR THE DOUGH Flour: 400 g. (14.10 oz.) Hen eggs: 4 Cold water: 4 table spoons Ingredients - FOR THE STUFFING Buttermilk curd: 300 g. (10.60 oz.) Minced parsley: 1 table spoon Minced Parmesan cheese:2 table spoons Nutmeg Salt Ingredients - FOR THE SAUCE Buttermilk curd: 200 g. (7 oz.) Garlic: 1 clove Pine-seeds: 50 g. (1.80 oz.) Nut kernels: 150 g. (5.30 oz.) Minced parsley: 1 table spoon Extra-virgin olive oil: glass Salt


Preparation : Knead the flour with the eggs and the necessary cold water. Work for a long time, then stretch the dough with the rolling-pin (or the special machine) making a very thin sheet. Leave it drain on a towel and in the meanwhile prepare the stuffing. Crumble the buttermilk curd in a tureen and add the egg, the minced parsley and the Parmesan cheese. Adjust with salt and sprinkle carefully with minced nutmeg. Cut the dough in little squares of 5 cm. (2 inches); put a spoonful of the stuffing in the center of each square and fold them in 2 parts, obtaining triangles with well squeezed borders.Now the more complicated operation comes for doing ravioli.Put the triangles around your forefinger and squeeze one acute angle over the other, keeping the point external and upwards. When they are ready, put them on a towel slightly sprinkled with flour and keep them at room temperature while preparing the sauce.Roast the nuts and the pine-seeds; put them in a mortar with the garlic clove and a pich of salt. Well crush with a pestle, until you obtain an homogeneaous compound. Add the crumbled buttermilk curd and dilute with the slowly poured olive oil; mix with a wooden spoon until the compound becomes creamy and well amalgamated. Boil the ravioli in plenty of boiling salt water and drain them with a pierced ladle. Pour them in a tureen, flavour with the nut and pine-seed sauce and serve at once. good appetite....enio


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