N2 Bucatini with Cauliflower Sauce ( Abruzzo )



Bucatini with cauliflower sauce
Region:Abruzzo Qty for:4
Time: 50 minutes Difficulty:easy Ingredients
Bucatini (a sort of very thin macaroni): 400 g. (14.1 oz.)
Anchovies in salt: 150 g. (5.30 oz.)
Cauliflower: 1 (little)
Ginger: 30 g. (1 oz.)
Extra-virgin olive oil: 5 table spoons


Obtain fillets from the anchovies and wash them with cold water. Wipe then
well and pound them in a mortar, diluting them with 4 or 5 table spoons of olive oil. Cut the ginger into very thin slices and add it to the anchiovy sauce.Clean the cauliflower, boil it in cold salt water, take it away from the flame when it is still al dente, drain it and divide it into tops.
Boil the bucatini in a lot of boiling salted water and drain them al dente. Spill the anchovy sauce in a tureen, dilute it with some hot water, spill the bucatini and the tops of the cauliflower. Mix a long time,
gently, not to break the tops of the cauliflower and serve it warmTo have the course more strong, flavour the anchovy sauce and the tops of the cauliflower in a wide pan with a little olive oil, add the bucatini dried very al dente and one chopped chilli; fry quickly for some minutes, continually shaking the pan.
To avoid the cauliflower, during the cooking, give off its unpleasant
smell, ad to the water some stale bread.