Baked Macaroni

Baked Macaroni 

Region: Puglie 

Qty for:4 

Time: 1 hour 30 minutes 

Difficulty:Easy Oven: 180C (356F) 

Ingredients Macaroni: 350 g. (12.35 oz.) 

Tomato pulp: 700 g. (24.70 oz.) 

Mozzarella (milky buffalo cheese): 200 g. (7.00 oz.) 

Sliced salami: 100 g. (3.50 oz.) 

Sheep cheese: 80 g. (2.80 oz.) 

Butter: 20 g. (0.70 oz.) 

Tomatoes: 2 

Little onion: 1 Bread crumbs 

Extra-virgin olive oil Salt and pepper



Preparation Slice the mozzarella. Brown the little onion in some spoonfuls of olive oil, add the tomato pulp passed through the vegetable mill, adjust with salt and pepper; cook this sauce for about 30 minutes, mixing now and then. Boil the macaroni in plentiful salt water and drain them; put them in a buttered heat-resistan pan, layer by layer, alternating pasta and salami slices and mozzarella slices and tomato sauce and sheep cheese. End with a layer of pasta. Put the previously half cut tomatoes, browned with little olive oil, on the surface. Then sprinkle with some spoonfuls of bread crumbs, a little salt and a little oil and gratinate in the hoven at the suggested temperature.Take out of the oven when the surface is browned